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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hallé Berry, Single, I'm not Surprised

Recently, we've learned the news that Halle Berry is back on the market. She and her model boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry have gone their separate ways and will have joint custody over their 2-year-old daughter, Nahla.

Ok, so Halle is Single. And with this comes a buzzing from women across the nation which for some reason, question their own worth in comparison to Halle's "love" life. The disheartening question that arises is:

If Halle can't keep a man, how could I expect to?

My question is, "When did Halle Berry become the relationship hub for women?" Let me guess, somewhere between her role for Boomerang and Monster's Ball. Reality check, neither of those roles were healthy relationship models. And most importantly, they were movie roles!!!

Just because Ms. Berry is beautiful coupled by being a public figure, doesn't make her the ruler of yoir life, ladies. As a matter of fact, because she is these things, she is a target for faux connections.

There are men out there that would cheat on Halle Berry, just for the extra points he could garner from his peers. Halle is a multi millionaire with all of her relationship business out in the open. For love, I bet she'd do anything to have the conditions that a woman away from the public eye has.

Halle has been quoted in the past for wanting to be a mother. And not to take credit away from her most recent relationship, but I wouldn't be surprised that when she writes a book about her life, she'll admit to being with Gabriel for his model looks and DNA, to create a beautiful child.

Halle is her own woman, as you as woman that look up to her, should be. She has her own demons and regrets. She has her own victories and failures. And just she won and Oscar, doesn't make her the icon for how life should be lived.

She "can't keep a man" due to her choices in men. Maybe she doesn't want to be worshipped; maybe she wants to worship her man. But to worship is to submit your power, and any woman that is willing to reliquish her power suffers her own consequences.

You know, isn't it interesting how people would say that First Lady Obama is unattrative, yet she is with one of the most desirable men on the planet? The First Lady is attractive in more ways than just being beautiful. She has grace, she isn't afraid of the power she wields, and she is secure in herself. She isn't Halle, but she is beautiful still, if you eliminate the comparisons.

Gabriel reportedly left Halle because of their age difference of 9 years and the fact that he was still attracted to other women. Let's be clear: if he loved Halle, being attracted to other women wouldn't had mattered. So let's eliminate love. The 9 year age difference wasn't an issue until later on in the relationship. So maybe she was too mature for Gabriel; he didn't have the fun with Halle he remembered having with others. Ultimately, if he was with Halle because of her grace, no other woman would get in the way of that.

First Lady Obama - 1
Halle Berry - 0


  1. I'll take her, crazy and all. She's my all time favorite.

  2. Beauty is a gift and a curse. I agree she may want to have a normal relationship, but at the same time keep her power. Who truly knows her insecurities or if she truly sees herself as beautiful. We dont hear about anything but her looks, she may be a lazy lover, a psychotic woman overall. Now Michelle, thats strength, beauty, and grace. Nothing against halle though.