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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Top 5 Things Your Man Should Do for You on Valentine’s Day

The holiday of “love” is sneaking it’s “he went to Jared’s” eyes around the corner. Valentine’s Day 2010 is coming, and depending on the status of your relationship, it could possibly be called Armageddon 2010 if your boyfriend or even husband doesn’t get his act together.

A ‘holiday’ like this could be tricky. Think about it. Remember when you were young, like elementary school young, and on Valentine’s Day, you had to bring cards to school to give out. There were cookies and cupcakes and all that. What do you think us little boys were thinking about? It surely wasn’t the cards. We wanted the sweets, while the little girls wanted the cards, and yes, some sweets as well. So even back when, guys weren’t all that enthused about this day.

As we got older, Valentine’s Day gifts evolved from cartoon cards to helium balloons, chocolates, flowers, dinners and such. The man’s perspective on the day didn’t evolve though. Valentine’s Day isn’t our (man) day; it is yours (woman). And further more, if a man isn’t in a relationship at that time, February 14 is just one day closer to President’s Day.

So ladies, here’s some advice before I get to the Top 5. First, if Valentine’s Day is important to you, you should share this information within the 1st five conversations you have with your potential boyfriend (or girlfriend). Realize that Valentine’s Day is what he makes of it for you, not what your best friend received from her boyfriend, etc. Valentine’s Day isn’t mandatory five star dinners with a horse driven carriages, or two dozens of red roses with a 3-day Miami weekend. If your day ends with being one colorful rose with an, “I Care about You,” that is a profound memory, the sentimental moment for which to build a relationship upon. So in other words, release Valentine’s Day of its pressures and find beauty in YOUR moment. SIDE NOTE: If you are dating, his responsibilities to you are less, if any. The dating process is opened to multiple opportunities on both sides. Valentine’s Day is not your birthday.

So here is the Top 5. Remember to blog with your friends, family and your special someones… I don’t mind speaking for you.

5. He should “Remember” the importance of this day to you.

4. He should “Give You His Time”.

3. He should “Put in the Effort”.

2. He should “Be Open to your wants and needs”.

1. He should “Make Your Heart Sing”.  

Oh, before I forget, for us men, not receiving a gift on Valentine’s Day is fine by us. That doesn’t mean we will not accept cupcakes.


  1. Exactly Herta... thanks for your view on this...

  2. I think that the holiday is overrated. You should not need 1 day out of the year to express you love for that special someone. And if by chance you do your relationship is in question. But there is nothing wrong with cupcakes especially the ones from the NY Toys R Us. I so love cupcakes hint