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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reggie Bush: Can Somebody Say "Selfish"?

Yesterday, the BCS stripped the University of Southern California (USC) of their 2004 National Championship in direct effect of NFL Gadget Player, Reggie Bush actions.

Reggie, now a disgruntled New Orleans Saint, was recently stripped of his Heisman Trophy because the Bush family received impermissible benefits during his college eligibility. Many would say the punishments USC was levied with was far too much, over a college student taking money and gifts. Many would even say that Reggie took money, not steroids. Where is the unfair advantage in that...

Simple, steroids is an unfair advantage on the field. Receiving gifts and benefits for playing a college sport, when many other aren't is an advantage off the field. Yes, college students have been accepting impermissible benefits for decades. Hundreds of college athletes never got caught. But they knew the consequences if they were.

The unfair advantage of receiving gifts as an amateur athlete is separated from college athletes that comes from family with money. People like Reggie was accepting money from people with professional Football connects. By taking this money, decisions could be swayed on a political level. "We give you this, you guarantee us this." A college athlete accepting money from his family member doesn't sway decisions.

College athletes accepting gifts like money, cars, and homes are less likely to be stressed out about their next meal; they also have the unfair advantage of professional trainers working with them, all the necessities to seal a future deal.

Reggie Bush is selfish simply because he knew the consequences of getting caught, but his arrogance blinded his present moment. He cheated his way to a huge Rookie contract and played most of his games in the NFL as a backup running back/gadget player. In the end, his actions have set back USC at least 7-10 years. But he got what he wanted right?

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