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Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Morning Motivation 6/13/11

An Excellent Monday Morning to YOU and the people you care about...

Whatever you were waiting for, this morning, get to it. Get to it because the world around you is changing faster than its ever had. Get to it before somebody else do it. Write it down before you forget it. Pass it along to someone better at executing plans. This morning, get to it.

Prepare your mind for the long haul. And like food as nourishment for your body, be very particular about what nourishes your mind. I can't say this enough, "Slow your life down." Cherish a moment. Stop and smell a rose before you forget what roses smell like. Make time for your passions, whether reading, knitting, painting, etc. Make time for a good friend or family member. Make a phone call instead of a text. Meet up in-person instead of a phone call. Please do not get lost in the speed of new media life. Control what you love and dislike... follow the trend, lose your path.

Have an excellent Monday Morning, and you'll have an excellent week.

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  1. It is too hurtful to look at the misdirection of truth. Truth is, he probly did get help. Maybe his living situation was one where dropping out of high school was the only route he could take to help make ends meat. Maybe we would not have gotten a chance to see him go to college and instead see him gunned down with a bag of Doritos and a coke soda on him. Maybe thats the only way we can come together in someones defence because we love to focus on the past because thats what we see. We see the same devil in all the details. If it sounds to good to be true, it must be a lie. He recieved money. Great! Atleast we know he works hard for it. He stayed in school for it. He went pro for it. I knew kids in high school who droped out to make 100 dollars a week, and no one stoped them from becoming the greatest rappers alive. Greatest hustlers alive. If u have to run fast, stay consistant, practice, commit ur self to fans, play your heart out, for 12 years to get to the pros with no financial help, than put ur money where ur truth is. 10% to God, so the churches can start to pay our children to stay in school. If it comes from Jesus it cant be wrong. Try putting paper work together to sue Jesus for making a way for Michael+Bush. Throw that in the air and see what u deserve. Go Saints! But Vick is where my team is. Hold ya head up Reggie. U gonna touch the sky baby boy!