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Monday, July 12, 2010

False Impressions, lead to Faulty Selections

People always remember your first impression. But what happens when you forget your first impression? It happens all the time. We’re told to put our best foot forward during job interviews as well as the courting process. The issue comes when our best foot forward, isn’t a natural one.

What is perfection, really? A razor sharp haircut? Hair and nails freshly done? A new outfit with shoes fresh out of the box? Is perfection scripting your conversation in the mirror? More than likely, the perfection you are looking for is above and beyond your day to day. Taking that extra shower before your first date may seem like the best move, but if you already feel and smell fresh, are you willing to take that extra shower every time you go on a date with that specific person?

This is where false impressions take form. When you are not proceeding naturally, you are painting a picture that you must live up to; a picture that you won’t and can’t sustain for very long. This is why there are periods in most relationships where one or both people appear to become lazy. The person with the most false impressions on the table will slowly become who they really are, and their significant other has the choice of sticking it out, hoping that their interest will get back on their game or to simply walk away.

Normally before the false impressions are all but history, the relationship has already exceeded any and all expectations. These false impressions are slow lies unspoken, leading to hearts (really just emotions) soon to be broken (or disappointment).

So the solution is simple… be yourself. There is nothing wrong with looking great, smelling good, and being articulate etcetera on your first date. The problem is when you know in your soul that you can’t sustain this impression; that you’ll eventually forget the person you were that night.

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  1. This is real. No matter how many fancy clothes or jewelry you have, you can't really hide the real you.