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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not Interested? Don't Give him Your Number!

My phone would ring, I'd pick it up and there is this nervous sounding guy on the other end. "Wrong Number," he says before hanging up. My phone would ring again. He is calling back, thinking that maybe he dialed the wrong digit. I pick up the phone again, this time with a little more attitude, and he hangs up.

I shake my head because I know that some young lady gave him a phone number that wasn't her own. I've been there; calling a woman I just met only to be asked, "Pick up or delivery?"

My question to women that commit this unspoken social crime is, "If you're not interested, why give out false hope?"

I understand, there is outdated social code that women play hard to get. This code causes for men to become aggressive in gaining a woman's time, in this case, phone number.

The dating game has changed on many levels. These days you'll find that women are more of "Go Getters" when it comes to getting what she wants. If she is interested, as a man or a woman, you'll know.

But what I find to be an issue is when bullying comes into play. Ladies, if you are not interested in the person that's pursuing you, get out of dodge. Let this person know that you are not interested and move forward. You can't allow yourself to be bullied into giving out your phone number. If he'd bully you for your number, why would he stop there? He'll press you for money and sex, and just so he'd leave you alone, you'd give in.

This isn't the way to go through life. Now let's say that you give him your real number but choose to not answer your phone. Now he is calling you every hour, texting you day after day. And all you can say is, "why doesn't he just get the picture and stop calling?" He won't! He didn't give up to get your number, why give up now? So do YOU get the picture?

You shouldn't reward a person that you're not interested in with your phone number. You will get what you gave in to.

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  1. I agree. I'd rather be told up front and not waste my time than led on. Do us both a favor and just tell us the truth.