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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Make sure your Father (Figure) Matters this Year!

A small reminder, Father's Day is this Sunday. And for those of you that are on the last minute crunch to find the perfect gift for the man that has everything, I wanted to assist you in your search. But first, a brief message...

There are so many of us that are without a father this year. Some of us have lost our father to death. Some of us know of our father, yet never had a relationship with him. Some of us never met our fathers at all. So in this instance, Father's Day can still be celebrated if you look closely at the men who made an impact in your life; your father figures. He could be your older brother that helped your mother take care of the house and you. He could be your uncle, the man that taught you how to talk to women, or how to be treated like one. He could be your mentor, the man at the Boys and Girls Club that made sure you knew what a quadratic equation was, or how to shoot a proper free-throw shot. Show your appreciation this year. Here are some gift ideas.

You can never go wrong with a watch that fits his style. Here is one of the many watches that are on Amazon for 70% off:

If you father is the old school type that enjoys a good magazine, by him a card and write inside that you paid for a yearly subscription his favorite mags like Esquire for only $8:

Or maybe he needs a new computer to add to his Entertainment system. The Mac Mini is a perfect add, it's small in size with a lot of power. And best of all, it hooks up to his Flatscreen television:

You can click on any of these links and search across Amazon for a great gift. The best gift is something that he needs, yet isn't willing to buy for himself... us men are like that sometimes.

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