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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stigma Killer: Make-up Sex

Like mostly all things that start off with good intentions, Make-up Sex has found its way into Relationship allure; where it shouldn't be.

Brief description: Make-up Sex is an action which follows a heated argument between a couple. This act of tension release after verbal and sometimes physical altercations is nothing more than a release. It never solves the problem, EVER!

Today, Make-up Sex has become a premeditated act. Why? Word got around that the act of sex after a heated argument is better. Word to the wise, it's not worth it.

Remember, you had to get into an argument to have the sex. You just set your relationship 10 steps backwards for 10 minutes of a supposed make-up!

Here's a suggestion. Find smarter ways to get your blood racing in your relationship, like taking a Kickboxing class together, cardio excersises together or even playful wrestling surrounded by pillows. Notice that these examples actually add to the chemistry of your relationship; the sex afterwards is the icing on a Red Velvet Cake! So get to it!

What are your thoughts on this subject? Can you think of more positive ways to get the blood pumping and spark up better sexual experiences without the drama?

Getting the job done,

The Stigma Killer

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