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Monday, February 8, 2010

Bestselling Author, Miasha, sits down with the Coach

To those that are familiar with "The Race to Nowhere", you know that I stop at nothing to deliver sound information and guidance to upgrade your life through coaching. This month, I will be giving back to my readers with unbelievable giveaways. For this entire week, you will have the opportunity to win a package of novels from Essence Best Selling Author, Miasha. If you aren't FOLLOWING the blog, by becoming a follower (clicking the Follow button in the right panel) will give you an entry into the contest. If you use the 'Retweet' button to the right of this post, to post it on your Twitter page, that's another entry. The last way to enter this contest will be for followers to refer this blog to their friends; once your friends follow my blog and leave a comment with your name as a referral, you will gain another entry into the contest for each referral. With that out of the way, check out the conversation I've had with a true Game Changer in her industry.

You've had big year after career defining year since you began. 2010 is a new year and decade, talk about what you have in the works to continue your winning streak?

Miasha: This year it gets bigger! With the recent launch of, an online community for writers, aspiring authors, editors, publishers, book retailers, distributors, and everybody in the publishing biz to come together network and share resources, promote and sell their works and be updated with industry news. Available on the site are webinars, eBooks, a Forum, Blogs and much more for all the people who seek my advice about any and everything regarding the book business.

I also have a line of hip greeting cards. Lol Greetings by Miasha. They're for today's text and social networking savvy who have a sense of humor and love to laugh. They're cute, chic, modern, hip, and funny! They'll be available as eCards in time for Valentine's Day on as well as

Last but not least, I have started my own publishing company, Fifth Avenue Entertainment INC, and my first title, "The Return of Chatman" will be released this July, "Miasha Month"! And will prepare my fans and readers for Til Death (Secret Society 3) coming in September!

Oh and by the way, check out the online reality series Road 2 Ritches at - It's a Fifth Avenue Production.

You've pushed the envelope with your theater adaptation of your first novel "Secret Society". What did you learn about yourself during the process of putting the play together?

Miasha: I've learned that I really go hard. It's not just talk. I have so much ambition, strength, and faith that I can do anything! Really!

What was your most memorable Valentines Day?

Miasha: My most memorable Valentine's Day was the very 1st one I shared with my now husband. It was 1996. We were fourteen years old. The day started bad because it seemed everything was going wrong for me that morning as I was getting ready for school. My hair brush fell in the toilet (ugh) so I couldn't do my hair as neatly as I would have liked. It was just one of those days but that afternoon I met up with Rich and he had a box of chocolates for me and he was so sweet and romantic (even at 14). It made me forget all about that morning.

So I hear that you are closing in on completing the third installment of the Secret Society series? Am I hearing right? Am I in it? :)

Miasha: LMBO Deshair! Til Death (Secret Society 3) is COMPLETE!!! It will be out in September but this gives readers plenty of time to recap! So go out and get Secret Society, Diary of a Mistress, Mommy's Angel, Sistah for Sale, Never Enough and Chaser (and read them in that order). When I tell you that Til' Death will be so worth the wait and such a fulfilling read, I mean it. And I'm not just saying this because I'm the writer. I believe my readers and true fans will appreciate the hell out of this book!

The world has witness a global tragedy watching on as the country of Haiti was ravaged by a 7.2 earthquake. Where were you when you heard about it and how did this tragedy affect you?

Miasha: It's crazy because I don't watch the news so I didn't hear about it until days after it happened. I was in the nail salon and it was on CNN. And I mean, I had heard bits and pieces of something happening in Haiti (when they cut Wendy Williams with a news break for Pres. Obama to speak about it) but I didn't watch it so I didn't know what exactly happened. But when I saw the coverage in the nail salon it hit hard. The devastation was tremendous. I immediately updated my fb status like I'm looking for ways to help.

In closing, do you have a quote or credo that you live by?

Miasha: I sure do..."Don't dream your life...Live your dreams!"

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