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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stigma Killer: "Wifey's Never Become Wives"

A "wifey" for all extensive purporses isn't even the shell of a WIFE. A "wifey" is a Rap term to describe another Rap term, the "Ride or Die Chick". Both terms spoke of a woman that would stand by her man, nomatter what. Too bad these women didn't pick up on the fact that 'nomatter what' consisted of being in threesomes, being disrespected in public, being called out of your name, being one of many women in this mans life, etc.

Being the "wifey" often stands for having the title of "his main woman". This is the woman who for example, knows that her man is doing her wrong, putting her mental and physical health at danger, however she brags about the fact that he comes home to her at night; she brags about the fact of using his credit and debit cards; she would even confront his other women and call then "Reebok broads" while she is the one wearing the heels.

I would like you to notice a common denominator. Every statement being made on this subject is Rap music influenced... A male dominated industry that uses it's influence to mold women to their choosing. "I was just f*cking those girls, I was going to get right back," familiar lines from Jay-Z on the Blueprint that over time, became acceptable over time. He was telling his story and someone decided to live it.

The perfect example for the life of the Wifey is the song called, 'It Kills Me' by Melanie Fiona. This is a song that places the wifey on center stage where she questions if she should be a lady, because she wants to have his babies. In neither example that I have given, a woman is placed in a strong, powerful light.

Truth be told, a wifey could never become a WIFE, because the mentalities and responsibilities are night and day. A WIFE would never stoop as low as to share her husband and to be proud of the fact that she is #1. A healthy relationship has no number, no rankings, no perks over another. A WIFE wouldn't dare put her business, especially sexual, out into the street and neither would her husband. I am talking about a MATURE relationship here, and not mature in the context of sexual content; this maturity is between two adults. So yes, I am saying that being a wifey is immature and any man that wants a wifey is immature and selling the worth of a woman short.

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