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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Race to Nowhere: Rihanna and her Beating Heart

Earlier this week, this photograph of Rihanna hit the internet like the placebo rockets that crashed into the moon in hopes of finding evidence of water. Rihanna just released her new single ‘Russian Roulette’ from the new album “Rated R” to drop in November. I will guess that this racy dominatrix laden masterpiece’s soul purpose was to shock everyone into being attentive of the Pop/Rock starlet.

Well it did the trick. You have our attention Rihanna. Many of us are awaiting your return, wondering if this project in some way is a comeback. Some of us are wondering if your past which was made public to the world, is behind you. Are you in control of your life now? Or an even tougher question, were you in control of your life in the first place? We know that there is a machine surrounding you, designed to push your brand at your discretion or your expense. That doesn’t mean that this photograph isn’t 100% you.

We see the eye patch Rihanna… the hole in it… similar to the scaring around your eye after “The Incident”. We see the barbed wire… computer generated or not… excruciating pain closing in on your fair skin, leaving bruise after filthy bruise. The fire in your hair Rihanna; the wavering innocence in your eyes. Maybe I’m reading into you too deeply. Or maybe, just maybe, there is an understanding here.

I wonder what success means to you. I wonder what love means to you. I wonder if the embarrassment has changed your views on life. I wonder if your life continue you, business as usual. I wish you luck, and I wish you an outfit that will bring mystery and protection to your outer and inner shell.


  1. Good read. Echoes many of my own thoughts

  2. Thanks... this one spilled out. I hope to sit down with her in the near future for one of those heart to heart convo's