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Monday, October 5, 2009

The Race to Nowhere: BTM, JSN

Relationship Reform 2009 has been met with cheers and jeers. I find that the toughest part about distributing logic through time tested concepts is that people who are on the other end of my views choose to throw stones. Now yes, I've admitted that this is the toughest part. However that doesn't mean that I'll stop administering the goods.

BTM stands for "Breakups to Makeup". Depending on how old you are, as a child, many of us have heard songs play in our households that mirrored this concept. The truth is when you hear or watch something enough times, a song of tragedy can lose it's set message and become an acceptable action.

BTM is commonplace in today's social interactions. As a matter of fact, people enter into connections knowing the possibilities of getting caught up in an on/off relationship, and decide provoke the disconnect.

Couples breakup for a laundry list of reasons. The reason that I'd like for you to watch out for is the one you'd never see coming. Your significant other just might have a prospect on the side; someone that they could get close to once you are out of the picture (because the prospect wants it that way). So you breakup, there are no more obligations, they connect with their prospect then once boredom kicks in, they are knocking your door to come back.

I live by the saying: An Ex is an Ex for a Reason

You just never know what your Ex is pulling off during their exits and what they could possibly bring back to you. Remember, there is no obligation to you during a breakup, so you are not entitled to knowing what went down during the break.

However, you can ask for a blood test to be taken, viral and bacterial, for your safety. Wait it out for the test results then make your decision. I would suggest that you let them be who they are... an Ex. Guaranteed, that if they pull this move once, you will see it again.

Oh, and JSN stands for: Just Say No!

Now put it all together.

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