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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Race to Nowhere: Our President, Your Precedent

Recently, a poll appeared on Facebook on whether President Obama should be assassinated over all things, Healthcare Reform. People would like to bring up race whenever they see fit. Would a poll like this exist if Bush was still President?

I’d answer ‘no’ to that question simply because when Bush was in office, social networking wasn’t as popular as it is now. President Obama won this election on the fusion of online with traditional campaigning. And whether you agree or not, the advancement of technology had just as much to do with the downfall of this economy as the Real Estate and/or Stock market.

And we are talking about Race? Let’s talk about opportunity. Let’s talk about the fact that before the Obama Administration, the last Administration that even looked at our Healthcare system was the Clinton Administration. Our current administration gave these protestors a VOICE. You have a VOICE, America. And this is how you choose to attack the current administration; by bring rifles to Town Hall Meetings, black magic markers used to draw the Hitler mustache on Obama photographs, drawing up distasteful polls on whether the President should be assassinated or not?

Race? How about stupidity? How about when it is found who created this poll, this person is locked up for a few years along with every person who clicked “Yes”. Because if you believe that this man should lose his life for giving you a forum to speak your mind, then why should I not believe that you would try to take his life if you had the opportunity?

This is… the Race to Nowhere…

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