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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Race to Nowhere: Every Cause has an Effect

The 2009 MTV Music Awards is still airing, yet for me, it ended after the first award was handed out. Country singer, Taylor Swift, won the award for best video by a female artist when the arrogant, pompous, cry baby, Kanye West took to the stage to steal Taylor's moment.

Kanye went on his usual rant about what the "deserving" getting disrespected by the winner. Kanye thought that his future labelmate, Beyonce Knowles-Carter "deserved" to win the award that Taylor Swift held close to her heart. Wow, Kanye, I know that I don't matter to you; that's fine with me. However, I've spent most of your career defending your actions and the possible reasons why you do what you do. No more... just be yourself, I have no more words for you or your character.

While people are debating whether Kanye is an as*hole or not, I am thinking about his cause and Taylor's effect. This is another case where it's not about the Chi-Town recording artist. This is about Taylor Swift's moment, and how Kanye's actions (cause) crushed Taylor's moment of joy (effect). There is no debate in this matter. If you have a heart full of compassion, you are thinking about Taylor, not Kanye. Every cause has its effect. I am sorry that this must still be reminded.

Photograph Credit: Jerome Shaw

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  1. Remains to be seen what, as if that's in doubt, the repercussions will be. I suspect it will start with the fans until it reaches the higher-ups at universal (parent company of Def Jam)