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Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Race to Nowhere: For Example...

There is someone in your life, someone that is younger that looks up to you. This special person in your life needs direction without contradiction. This special person needs someone that will own up to their mistakes and be the first to say that their wrongs shouldn't be replicated. This special person needs a role model.

I was told that I could be negative. I answered that I am being truthful; that my love for others leaves me vulnerable to disappointments. However, I am still hopeful. I am confident that if I could mold one young life, I could change the lives around that one life. We need not promote mediocrity through our actions. We need not accept that our lives can't turn for the better. Make a positive difference in the life of one person... just one person. Tell your story of heartache and redemption to one person. And this special person in your life will feel for once, that he or she is not alone in their struggles. This is how you give the gift of hope.

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