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Monday, July 13, 2009

The Race to Nowhere: Non-Social Club - The Elevator

The elevator was once a place where relative unknowns became familiar with one another. There really wasn't much choice in the matter. Standing shoulder to should, back to front, front to back, extremely squished up for who knows how long, just brought the best out of you. Maybe someone was wearing your favorite fragrance or had the very Louis Vuitton bag that you desired. People became best friends, business associates and even lovers thanks to this 27.1 square foot dropbox.

So how did The Elevator make THE RACE TO NOWHERE's 'Non-Social Club' in 2009? Nowadays, when people enter or exit the elevator, their heads are held down and their thumbs are moving at rapid speeds as an example. The advancement of the cell phone has given people the excuse to ignore everyone. Here is how to tell if you're being isolated on the elevator. Once you enter the elevator with one or more people, be mindful of the cell phone grab. If a phone is suddenly pulled out of a pocket or purse, you have been eliminated from all social activities. Maybe you are the cell phone grabber; you'll find out the next time someone enters the elevator with you and subconciously, your phone ends up in your face.

THE RACE TO NOWHERE asks that you leave your phones in your pockets, smile and greet one another while riding the elevator. You never know who might brighten your life during one of these quick exchanges of dialogue. Let's do our best to take "The Elevator" off of 'The Non-Social Club' list.

What are you views on this subject?

1 comment:

  1. I am the cell phone grabber. But I am an awesome multi-tasker. I always flash a smile when I walk in.