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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Race to Nowhere: 50 Cent removed body-ink; Should you be next?

In recent news (, recording artist, 50 Cent, gave his reasons for removing a tattoo from his right arm. His reasoning was professional. 50 felt that in order to further his acting career, he wanted to eliminate the physical photoshopping it took to cover up his artistry.

"I took some of the tattoos off because on the movie set, if we got a six o'clock call time, I have to be there two o'clock the night before," 50 told AHH. "I gotta' go through four hours of make-up before we go ahead and play the role. So, I just took it off my arm."

This story jumped out to me, because I was just telling a young lady that I am mentoring to hold off on getting a 'red kiss mark' tattoo on her neck. She completely went ballistic on me about it. However, I explained to her that if you're going into a professional field, you MUST be presentable at all times; professional at all times. The pierced nose and upper-lip might be the trend right now, but when you're ready to get a job, don't believe that either one of those piercings would hold up in the professional world. You wouldn't even make it past the receptionist that will call you in the office for an interview.

POP culture has deep influences over young adults. Celebrities in the spotlight are mimicked daily by impressionable fans that hasn't a clue of what a visible tattoo on their neck, hands, arms, or calf muscles could do to their chances of getting a job that doesn't consist of taking someone's order.

So I am hoping that with 50 Cent making this move, which may lead to more tattoo's being removed from his body, to make an extra million, that Young America will think twice before sitting down and 'marking' another obstacle in the way of their professional careers.
Do you have any mistakes in judgment on your body that you'd like to remove?


  1. I will just be getting a tattoo where it won't be visible while working...actually i have 3 that aren't visible!

  2. I don't have any tattoos, but there are a few people trying to sway me into getting one

  3. I have one tattoo behind my left shoulder and one on my left shoulder... I got these because I knew I wouldn't be sleeveless in the work place so they aren't visible... but it does suck to have to hide them when I go to my grandparent's house.. LOL

  4. You got me laughing out loud over here Carrie... thanks for that :)