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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Race to Nowhere: The Little Things Still Matter

While Zales and other jewelry stores are coming up with snazzy lines to get you spending money; while mainstream media feeds off of all that is celebrity from expensive bags to luxury cars; and while your checking account is imploding for the sake of impressing the one you're with, there is an important lesson that you have either forgotten or it slipped by you - it is the little things that matter.

I'd like to introduce you to something that my generation might call 'old school', and something I fear that will become extinct due to the advancements in technology that have blinded the younger generation that are already text messaging at the age of 5. Below are the tools that you'll need to make that special someone in your feel, well, SPECIAL.

  • Notepad
  • Pencil or Pen (blue or black ink)
  • An Envelope
  • A Stamp (44 cents or a Forever Stamp)
There isn't many things in life more personal than writing a letter to someone. The pressing of the ink against paper, the mistakes in spelling that oozes character, the dotting of the I's, the near perfectly drawn hearts, the closing signature with a "ps" at the end. Writing a letter, making a birthday card with construction paper and stickers; it doesn't matter the age, this is the epitome of sentimental.

Gentleman, spray your favorite cologne on your wrist then wipe your wrist on the bottom right hand corner of the letter. Ladies, put on your most luscious red lipstick and give the bottom right hand corner of the letter a juicy kiss. Place your emotions on paper and your special someone will receive them from your mind, directly to their heart.

And how much did you spend to mean the world to someone? More often than not, you'll already have paper and a writing tool in your home. So your only expense would be on the box of envelopes and a pack of stamps. Let's just say that you didn't spend any more than $10.

So put down your phone and pick up a pen; put down your ATM card and pick up a notepad. There is no reason to take out a loan on your pension when you can open up your piggy bank to create a memory that will last, well, forever.


  1. I still send cards. Does that count? And I also use the USPS and STAMPS to mail my monthly bills in. Yay ME!!

  2. I couldn't agree more. I've been doing this for one girl for a handful of months now. The key is it's personal and it takes both time and thought.

  3. I still write letters and thank you cards. I'll spend hours at Hallmark looking for the perfect card. I love the feeling I get when someone says I loved that card or note. Small things still count.

  4. I'm still "old skool." I LOVE cards and handwritten notes and recently started writing my thoughts and ideas on restaurant napkins like I used to.

    Betsy "Baller" Ice