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Friday, June 5, 2009

The Race to Nowhere: Gentlemen, Ladies DO Smell YOU

Just the other day, I ran into an old friend during lunch. She gave me a hug before we walked up the block together. We walked and talked for a while before she stopped me, breathed in deeply, and looked around. Right then, I knew she picked up my scent. Her cute little nostrils flared as she deeply inhaled. Before I could ooze out some arrogance, her nose was on a round trip to my neck.

“Oh, so that is you,” she said with a bright smile. “You smell pretty good!”

I thanked her and we kept moving. Before parting, she gave me another hug. This time it was a bit longer. She held me so close, I could feel her lungs expanding.

I felt a bit used, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Smelling good should be the beginning and end to any grooming regimen. You must know your body and how various scents compliment your natural chemistry. you should determine the best soaps and deodorants to use; how long your deodorant will last is critical. Lastly, you must know how much is too much when using scented soaps and body sprays.

Whether you use bar soap or shower gel, it is important to learn how to enhance your total scent (natural scent + scent enhancer) for the day or occasion.

Line up your scent enhancers so they don’t counter each other. For example, I choose to use non-scented pure soaps like Dial as my basic cleanser. I use fragrance-free soap because if I choose to wear a cologne or body spray, it allows my natural scent to be the focal point for which the enhancer extends.

I love cologne, but I have dabbled in body sprays like Axe as well. And when I do, I also use the corresponding shower gel from Axe, which makes for a scent enhancer-based smell, which can neutralize your natural scent. However, if you choose to smell like chocolate, you should go all the way! Be sure to follow the directions on the bottle when spraying. DO NOT overdo it. Spray a body part once and keep the party moving.

When I purchase cologne, I like buying the set which includes after-shave and shower gel. This makes all the difference. My trick is to shower in non-scented soap for 90% of the session then follow it up with the corresponding shower gel of the cologne I’ve chosen to wear for that day (10%). Now here is how you complete your scent:

Before you put on your outfit, take your cologne and spray it twice on your left wrist. Take that wrist and swirl it against your right wrist. Here’s the kicker; rub your right wrist on your right ankle and do the same for your left; then take your wrist and gently stroke them down your rib cage. Take your cologne and with one spray, be sure that it lands just below your Adams apple then cross rub your wrists down your chest from that point.

Notice that you only sprayed your cologne 3 times, NOT 8 times. You want your total body scent to be noticeable, not overpowering.

Cologne and body spray each have a fragrance duration time limit. Overuse doesn’t extend this time!. Also, you DO NOT want to mix a body spray with cologne. You shouldn’t even shower if you pull this total scent faux pas.

Take your time to develop your individual fragrance. It’s helpful to get out there and test your total body scent in real life situations.

As I stated in the beginning, Gentlemen, ladies DO smell YOU. So give them a reason to grab you by the collar and take a deep whiff.

Some starter colognes:

Acqua di Gio

Kenneth Cole Black

Versace Man

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