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Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Morning Motivation 6/27/11

An excellent Monday Morning to YOU and the people you CARE About...

Let's get right to it... Life isn't short by a long shot. What you are doing with your everyday life can make in meaningful or worthless. People enjoy saying that 'Life is Short' as a means of motivation.

Life is what you truly make it to be. If you believe that it is short, how will your mind wrap itself around a future? We must make decisions as if our future matters. The people we confide in, the food we eat, our career choices; everything we involve ourselves in must have a future attached it to. Life isn't short by a long shot.

People think its admirable to say that an 80 year old died too young. When in all actuality, this 80 year old died, living in their future, possibly further than their future's expectation.

Live as if your life will be a long one; live for your future and align yourself with like spirits which are living the same way. Fun in the present is your past' future. Wouldn't be nice to think about the fun you'll have 30 years from now? It should be...

Have an excellent Monday Morning and you'll have an excellent week.

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