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Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Morning Motivation (4/4/11)

An Excellent Monday Morning to All!

Last week, the focus was on truly going out there and commanding your "NOW". And from so many messages I've received throughout the week, you've made your "NOW" matter to the world. Because the world is your enormity. It is NOT an exaggeration. What you do this Monday Morning can, and will change the world. Say to yourself, "My Cause is your Effect."

We are dominoes in this life. We move forward, for others to move forward. Our momentum takes us forward, but the people we touch, the people we inspire, protects us from hitting the ground by giving us something to lean on.

So this morning, "Support your Supporters." Support those that pushed your forward to a point that you pushed someone else forward. Support isn't always constant. And it doesn't have to be constant to make an impact on your life, and the lives that you inspire. By supporting the dominoes on both sides of your world, you'll bring all the positive energy back to one place to form a special formation of unity in life. How could you not WIN this week? You WILL!!!!!

Have an excellent Monday Morning, and you'll have an Excellent Week!

(All Twitter users, please utilize #DominoeSupport as much as you can this week. And if anyone ask you what it means, refer this to #MondayMorningMotivation for 4/4/11)

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