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Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Morning Motivation 4/25/11

An excellent Monday Morning to you and the people you care about...

Each journey in your life will begin with a first step. And this first step could signify the first time you study, the first time your write a lyric, the first time you catch a ball. It could be anything. But the point is, it is your first step, not your fifteenth step.

Anything worth accomplishing deserves a fresh start, a first step. In order to conquer a world, you must first conquer your neighbor, then your city, then your county, then your state, then your region, then your country, then your continent and so on. Many times, we fail because we decide that we want it all at once, like wanting the wedding ring but forgetting to build the friendship or trying to conquer the world but starting with your region instead of your neighborhood. We put pressure on ourselves and certain failure by not prioritizing our steps.

This morning, take the opportunity to prioritize your steps. Ask yourself, "Did I skip an important step to save time?" This morning is about positive progression and it is ALWAYS about "Passion Work".

Have an excellent Monday Morning, and you will have an excellent WEEK!

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