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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Limitless - Art Imitating Life???

"Limitless" Starring Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish & Robert De Niro will be released on March 18, 2011. Bradley plays the role of Eddie Morra, an unemployed writer that is dumped by his girlfriend, Linda (wow, the story of my life). He is down and out when he is introduced to a drug called NZT. NZT makes Eddie more focused and confident. These mental upgrades turn him into an immediate success, wanted by all, to be used and to be killed.

When I heard about this movie, I instantly thought about a documentary I watched a little over a year ago about Adderall. High School students, College students and even professors are using this drug as a way to enhance their focus as well as extend their time without sleep to get work done. The drug was geared for people diagnosed with A.D.D. But on college campuses and in high school hallways, it is the best kept secret to better grades.

Now that you have seen the trailer for the movie, check out the videos below. Then ask yourself, "Is Art imitating Life?" After that, ask yourself the most important question, "With education in America already standing as the more the money, the better the education, is Adderall extending the learning gap even further?" Leave your thoughts, share this story.

Adderall Documentary (Produced by Alan Marks)

60 Minutes Clip "Is Using Adderall like Using Steroids?"

A Debate about "Adderall"

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