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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chris Brown: Why He Needs your Support

Short and sweet is the way to go, so here goes nothing.

We can all agree that the incident between Chris Brown and Rihanna, A FEW YEARS AGO, startled many of us. That incident changed the course of their careers, and in hindsight, not for the better.

The Villian and the Victim had a line drawn between them, and on the scarred surface, Rihanna stood out to be the overwhelming victim, while Chris' image underneath the surface was scarred forever.

Chris Brown was placed on probation, took Anger Management classes, and started his sky rocketing career at the time, from the bottom up. Rihanna took the opportunity in a mainstream interview to call Chris of all things, a monster. Rihanna's camp fed off of her then current position as a victim to sell records.

Today, Chris Brown releases his new album "F.A.M.E.". And during his media blitz, stopped by Good Morning America. My media experience would tell me that his publicists gave Good Morning America a list of topics Chris felt comfortable talking about. I'm sure his incident with Rihanna was completely off limits. They went against those limits and still brought up the incident.

This morning, Chris Brown is in the news for his outburst and breaking of windows, backstage. And everybody has an opinion, which places Chris Brown back into the Villian role. Contrary to popular critiques, Chris Brown has the right to be angry. This is his day. He has done his service, and has apologized countless times for an incident, we'll never know the full story about. It is unfair to him, that the media paints him as the poster child for relationship violence. It is unfair that he must still answer questions about that incident. And it is unfair that his anger is not being seen as a person whom has been beat down himself, for the past three years by society. Yes, he was wrong for what he done. But you can't make him as wrong as you felt he was the day after the news broke, and carry that to today.

So here is what must be done. Chris Brown simply needs your support, or no words from you at all. You need to understand what made him angry this morning, as you would like to be understood in your time of growth. You can't be so narrow minded towards others while wanting people to take you seriously.

Also, Rihanna needs to step up and say two words: Move on. They were young, at the height of their careers and far too sheltered to have been in a relationship in the first place. Rihanna's camp should know there are no more dollars to be made for her as a victim. Rihanna, please end this. It may just help your career as well.

Someone, anybody needs to step up for Chris Brown. And Good Morning America should be ashamed of themselves. Although I don't figure they will be. They got what they want, a story that trends their name, a promotional tool for themselves.

And people wonder why I stepped away from Journalism :(

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