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Friday, February 25, 2011

My evening at Fendi in NYC

Last night, I had the pleasure of going to a special event at the Fendi store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The PNK Dress Foundation, created by the breathtaking Kijafa, who also hosted this groundbreaking event, had the mission of raising money for underprivelaged female high school seniors who couldn't afford a dress for the Prom.

This was my first time in Fendi. The bright lights, statuesque security, the eye-popping layout of product, everything felt upscale (even my walk). For the ladies, there were shoegasms around every corner on the first floor and impressive clothing, including furs, on the second floor.

As for me, a lover of fashion, a man that could put together a nice outfit for any occasion, Fendi had a room for men, the size of what could've been a fancy fitting room. Nonetheless, I stood in that area for 20 minutes, eyes wide, mouth shut at the swag pieces to choose from.

Unlike a majority of the guest that strolled in, sat down and kept grabbing champagne glasses from the waiter before he could take 5 steps, I was there for the support of the cause.

While I'm on the subject, NYC, let me talk to you for a minute. Every event isn't a "just to be seen" event. When you are invited for a cause, you bring your credit cards with you. A few people was there for the cause last night. Many of you just wanted to say you were in the Fendi store, sipping champagne, meeting up with your colleagues to listen to music, hoping to leave with a gift bag, and that wasn't enough.

To those that supported the PNK Dress Charity cause last night, I support the supporters. You've made a difference that will count a few months from today when a young woman from Philadelphia can smile at herself in the mirror, while wearing a dress, you played a major part in.

Special thanks to 3BG for the invite. Oh, so what did I purchase???

Some sneakers that gave me a gasm... And will make a difference.

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