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Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Morning Motivation (1/10/11)

A splendid Monday Morning to you:

This morning, being better than ever is an understatement; being "yourself" is is the very top of the mountain. Individuality is living; coming together to form alliances is what makes us human.

Acting is a thing of the past. You can't be everything to everybody and not expect to be a shell of yourself. Losing track of your identity only leads to the people around you losing hope in your abilities.

So this morning, look at an old picture of yourself, then ask, "Who was I, then? Who was I trying to be then? Am I that person now?" Life is beautiful, it is the ultimate challenge. How do you choose to step up to that challenge, this week?

Have an extraordinary Monday Morning, and you'll have an extraordinary week.

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