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Friday, December 10, 2010

TuneUp gives iTunes an Upgrade

If you’re anything like myself, you wouldn’t stand for anything being out of place. Back when our music libraries were on CD stands, I’d have a fit if one of my CD’s were in the wrong case. Today, I’d catch the same fit if the music I upload to iTunes doesn’t appear with the correct cover art or name, for that matter.

So when I was introduced to TuneUp, I immediately loaded up the plug-in and dove into it. TuneUp is the #1 selling plug-in for iTunes, and for good reason. This plug-in fixes mislabeled song information, so you can do away with “Track 1” or “Unknown Artist”. I found it very useful for the many “Best-of” CD’s I have. When you upload a “Best-of” album, normally, every song will share the cover art for that album. With TuneUp, you can click on the “Cover Art” feature and this plug-in will find every cover art that is connected to each song. Pick the cover art of your choice and click, Save.

Also, you can share your playlist information on Facebook and Twitter, from TuneUp. I used this feature to upload the top 5 songs I’ve played the most, to my Facebook. And minutes later, my friends were clicking “like”. This feature will also let you share the last five songs you’ve played.

I’m simply excited about the fact my songs by Aaliyah, now have the proper cover art. TuneUp cost $23.96 until the end of the year (20% off). So grab yourself this useful plug-in, ask for it as a holiday gift, or buy it for someone you know that cares about the neatness of their music library, as much as I do.

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