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Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Morning Motivation (11/29/10)

Great Monday Morning to you and to those your energy will inspire. Momentum is a beautiful thing; like the snowflake at the top of a mountain which comes together with other snowflakes, create a movement to become a snowball, then ultimately an avalanche.

This Monday Morning, as many in the past have proven with us growing together, we are becoming that avalanche. Yes, natural disasters can be created by an event such as this; but also, natural success.

Today, let's get the best ball rolling. The keyword is: Synergy. Of the chosen few around you, who are the best at assisting you in developing your avalanche? Not only that, which person do you bring the best out of? Let's focus on those people this morning, so that we can have the best Monday Morning, all week long.

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