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Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Morning Motivation (11/22/10)

Let's have a toast to the groudbreakers; let's have a toast to us! It's Monday Morning; your time, our time. And although it is a short work week for some, many of us will be on our job in the middle of a turkey slicing.

2010 is coming to a close. But that doesn't mean that you should be. The calendar year doesn't have to be a start/end point. Set your own, be your own. Oh, and please stop and smell a rose; I can't say that enough. You must take a deep breath, look at your accomplishments, enjoy them, then build upon them. Let's take the robot out of our lives and LIVE!

This Monday Morning is yours... No texting, make phone calls this morning. Take your good energy and share it with someone, they'll do the same for you; if not, get off the phone and try again :)

I wanted to thank everyone that showed their interest in helping me raise money for the Boys and Girls Club. I am still putting finishing touches in before collected the donations. All of you are the best!

Lastly, I'd like to congratulate the lovely, free spirited Tanya Beardsley. She is a Zumba Dance Instructor in NYC and a weekly supporter of Monday Morning Motivation. Last week, XBOX 360 Kinect released "Zumba Fitness" and Tanya is a virtual instructor in the game! I had the opportunity of testing out the game with her, a few months back. She is a whirlwind! :)

Remember, your week ahead will mirror what you accomplish this morning. Let's have a toast to us!

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  1. Will, I always enjoy your Monday morning motivation post. They always get my Monday's off to a good start and they are very beneficial and encouraging to me. Keep up the good work!! Mia