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Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Morning Motivation (11/15/11)

Great Monday Everyone!

I know that I am normally the one motivating, but this week, I could sure go for a few, "You can do it's" :)

Last week, I was hit with a major disappointment. An event I was organizing for the Boys & Girls Club fell through due to lack of funds. The local club I assist, recently lost between 200k - 400k in grant moneys, so they had to tighten their belts on events.

I wanted to bring to your attention that Boys & Girls Clubs across this country are suffering to no fault of their own. Even Lebron James tried to help through his "The Decision" special and look where that got him (still raised a lot of money). Maybe raising money or donating isn't your thing; giving your time is even more important. Our youth are losing after school programs that we've had as children. So hopefully, this email will inspire you to give your time, energy or even make a donation to your local club.

I will be starting a fundraiser in the coming weeks to help my local club.

Remember, it's Monday Morning! What you do over the next four hours will define your week. So get up, get up, and move something!

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