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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Don't Be Afraid to be Better

I would personally like to know what happened to the overconfident, self centered souls that once set the standard of success for which those that hated their guts, still wanted to emulate? What happened to the people that worked hard for everything achieved in their life that turned around and said, "I am better than you!" I really miss those skill sets.

Yes, you have some that have crossed the line of over confidence and self worth, with their nose held high and their pinky finger defying gravity. These are the examples for which many point to and say, "I don't want to be too confident if others will see me this way." So guess what, without realizing it, you suddenly don't want to be better than anybody. This is where many of us unknowingly reside in our personal lives.

We need not forget that life is a challenge, and the most competitive action there is. Life guarantee's more than death; life guarantee's that you will be better than someone, and somebody out there will be better than you. We need to realize that life isn't being lived if we are not competitive. More importantly, we must know our role in order to know our path.

An individuals' worth is connected to how they feel about their position in life. And if you don't feel like you're doing better, or simply better than another person, you will settle for less than you're worth. What is the point of working hard if you place yourself around a person that doesn't understand the first thing about what it takes to be something more?

So don't be afraid to be better than someone else. By doing so, you only put yourself at risk of losing, yourself.

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  1. People are afraid to "NOT" fit in. They are still searching for a leader or waiting for that leader insdead of becoming the leader. This is why people settle. Hell, I know there is someone out there better than me, and I'm looking for her or him so I can let them know I am on their heels! Someone is also looking at me and saying to themself, one day Murf (Marie) one day, I'm gonna see you. And in turn, I'm daily letting them know, "no you won't cause I will forever evolve!"
    Author Marie Antionette