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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Race to Nowhere: The Selfish Rant

We all have this type of friend. Who knows, you might be that friend. This is the person that you can't get one word in on during a conversation initiated by that person. They could care less about how your day was. As a matter of fact, you just might make a statement that he or she didn't hear at all.

Victims of "The Selfish Rant" are great listeners. As a matter of fact, these victims insist on the individual to talk about themselves; to get their feelings off their chest. Slowly but surely, the friend becomes the victim. Suddenly, a pick up of the phone leads right into cursing and complaining from the ranter. And this cycle will never end without the listener finding a slick way off the phone.

Dear Ranters:

How about you calm down some and care about somebody's day, other than your own. How about you shows some sincerity to the person that is giving you the time of day, and listen to them. Remember, conversations should be bilateral. Why should you and your feelings matter more than the person you confide in? You would think that because your friend is there for you, the least you could do is lend that person a caring ear. And not after you're done talking and ready to hop off the phone. Yes, you enjoy getting off the phone once the conversation is not about you.

You are lucky that your friend would still pick up the phone, knowing that you are about to gnaw their ear off with nonsense. Be a friend for once...

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