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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Race to Nowhere: Relationship Reform 2009 #3

A relationship, as we see it, is something that many of us sign on to, figuratively. You would think that something as complex as a relationship would come with rules and regulations. You would think that we should all obtain a permit before we license ourselves in the art of human connection. Instead, we run into burning buildings, time after heart-broken time, only thinking about an insufficient goal of what we desire, in spite of the journey it requires.

So let's talk about repetition. Some would say that a repetitive nature applied to a relationship could very well lead to a boring one. Well that 'some' are wrong. Consistency is very important in a healthy relationship. Why? Because the one common complaint that people make about their shattered connections is that negative change took place. It was a lack of repetition that dealt this stifling blow.

Now I am not talking consistency with phone call volume, tweeting or movie dates (which you shouldn't do on your first date). Repetition works beautifully with the length of hugs, sincere compliments, responsibilities, etc. Think of it this way. If your connection begins with a hug that last for 20 seconds, every time you hug, yes, it should last for 20 seconds, naturally though. Once that greeting hug drops to two seconds, the subconscious will kick in and drama will slowly ensue.

Repetition is best added at the beginning of a relationship, while particular actions are still mutual. However, if you do notice that things are changing for the negative, early on, you have a front row seat to the deterioration of your connection. So the best bet would be for you to move on before you are IN TOO DEEP <---- sounds like Part 4 to me...

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