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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Race to Nowhere: Beyonce', What's Your Story?

Beyonce’ Knowles-Carter never ceases to amaze me while strategically perched under the public eye. The past five years have seen the triple-threat in competition with her co-star, falling face first down a flight of steps, and numerous wardrobe malfunctions that would make Janet Jackson bow her head in shame.

What I don’t understand is with all of her talents, and a beauty that realistic fantasies are made of, why is it that Beyonce’ or her representatives feel that this revealing outfit was necessary? Was the decision in the name of fashion-forward or media attention?

If the reason was to push fashion-forward, public indecency tickets will skyrocket across the country because Beyonce’ has a broad fan base. Solid chunks of this fan base are the impressionable kind. The most impressionable of her fans will feel that if a celebrity such as Beyonce’ could pull it off without penalty, then why couldn’t they pull it off? I’m sorry, but this isn’t a statement that is trend worthy on so many social levels.

With great power comes great responsibility… seems that no one is interested in taking responsibility or thinking before they act anymore...


  1. Great!!! We finally get to see a nipple!!!....Definitely not seeing much of an ass....She has HIPS but proof of an ass is unseen...
    Personally, I was done with Beyonce' when she knelt down in front of Jay-Z's belt buckle in one of her videos?? How much more whipped can you possibly be?? Besides Beyonce has not appeared in none of his videos....Oh I forgot Bonnie and Clyde??....
    I'm not surprised at all...the initial stripper moves has advanced into a pin-up girl look...Now she's traded Kelly and Michelle for background dancers who have a very similar builds to Beyonce' and who move much more in sync than Destiny's Child lol! Still in all I have to stand next to my girl simply because she's a Virgo...and yes a 'Diva' lol!

  2. I have been disenchanted with this woman for a long time now. First off I feel like she is manufactured for our entertainment, and we know where that may sadly lead (i.e.M.J.). I think my disappointment began with the video "Upgrade You." I saw major potential at turning a corner and raising the esteem of our culture. As an upcoming video director, I envisioned her emulating strong women like Harriet Tubman, Corretta Scott King, Madame C.J. Walker, etc. And the theme would be Upgrading the men of her culture, or the culture in general with her stong presence. No this heffer had to roll around in gold, and frolic like a one dimesional lackey. B has been catering to the propaganda that keeps us down, that anything uplifting would now be considered "selling out." Yes, the paradigm has shifted. Her taking a financial hit on album sales may hurt her credibility, but it will open doors for others and changing these demeaning standards by which a woman of color has to present to make it in this industry. I want to love you B, but you have to do better. You got enough money... LOL, what else do you want. That too is a race to nowhere!!!

  3. I agree with you both... Beyonce is the face and representative for Black Women everywhere... it's just tough to stomach that she feels that a move like this one, was necessary. Oh and Malik, thanks for the plug :)