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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Race To Nowhere: A Poem for our First Lady

You are… our future’s present,

I salute… your presence.

You are… the sweetest shade of our history, which you wear so proudly,

With a smile born from the galaxy, and a heart large enough to warm the coldest of souls.

You are… the quintessential woman,

You are gifted; just the mere glimpse of your energy is enlightening, and no one should miss it.

You are the walking, talking story of triumph over all things

You are the blueprint for the woman that will someday become my wife.

You are the ‘rock’ for so many,

Not just our Commander-In-Chief,

You’ve broken the mold by being yourself,

Leaving your doubters imprisoned in disbelief.

You are… the most influential,

And thoroughly respected,

You are… the reason why a woman will finally become elected as President.

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