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Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Race to Nowhere: Is This Lebron's Apology for his Sore Loser'ness?

Dear Mr. James:

I'm not sure if you had anything to do with the clearance of this commercial. I'm not sure whether that even matters now. Maybe Nike saw it in their best interests to throw you a life preserver for how you acted after the Orlando Magic sent your team home for the summer.

Luckily, you live in a country with citizens that have more to worry about than your lack of sportsmanship. The next NBA season won't start 4 to 5 months. By that time, many of your fans would be looking forward to your appearance in 2010's Slam Dunk Contest during All Star Weekend in Dallas. But I won't forget.

I won't forget how many team pictures you took, in fun, while you were on winning streaks. I won't forget your 'baby powder' rainbow before you hit the court. I won't forget your effortless springs towards the basket or the half to full court shots you heave to impress home and away crowds. I won't forget that you would want us to 'witness' your greatness. It's just that I'll never forget how you deserted your team and your colleagues when it was YOU that should have been first to congratulate your opponent and make your press engagement.

In my book, you're on the long road to recovering your good name. And since we all deserve a second chance, I'll be open to giving you the opportunity of showing that you're better than what you've showed yourself to be that night.

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